First, let us start off by saying “Thank you!” for taking the time to explore our website. Here is a quick overview of some main questions:


  • Husband and Wife, who we will call Mr. and Mrs. Shy.


  • This website houses many pages and topics regarding ways we budget our money and pay off debt.


  • The why is quite simple, as we take our journey to paying off debt and finding a better way to budget/manage our money we wanted to document it. We felt that documenting each bill we pay, grocery we buy or random expense, will help us track our money. This would also give us the ability to reference back on earlier time frames to make sure we kept an accurate expense trend. Originally we started documenting the information on word documents and excel sheets. However, after explaining our plans to friends and getting some interest in what we were doing it started to make us think. What if we publicly document what we are doing and lessons we learn along the way. This would allow anyone to benefit from our “strategy” as well as potentially give us the opportunity to learn from others through comments with a blog. Doing it this way will take more effort, as running a website is not as easy as updating a word document. However, our thought is if even (1) person takes something beneficial from this webpage, it makes everything worth it.


What about WHERE and WHEN? How about Online and Right Now!