The Start of Month #2 (February)

The start of the second month didn’t exactly go as planned. Mrs. Shy started feeling ill the last few days of January. Which unfortunately for her turned into a week long sickness. Naturally our original plan and budget went out the window during this time as she wasn’t up to eating “heavy” foods. SO, after many nights of Soup and Bread…we are now able to get back to the original plan.

Last month went very well, we did a GREAT job on budgeting our food expenses for the month. We both had more money in the bank at the end of the month, which was lovely. The only problem is….I want to know how much of that was from “food costs” as well as other costs. Another thing that we would like to work on this month is adding in extra food expenses. Towards the end of the month we needed small items like lettuce, cheese, milk etc. These items never fully made it into the “total cost” of the budget as they were side purchases…and if I am honest we got lazy and didn’t keep track.

All of the being said I believe this will be our plans for this month:

  • Don’t be lazy…Keep track of all expenses.
  • Keep track of everything that is related to “food”, so that we can start budgeting on other items.
  • Start laying out other expenses and seeing how we could budget.
  • Start making extra payments towards Mrs. Shy’s car.

The final change we want to do this month will be updating the blog more. I think that a weekly update will be better for us as well as anyone who reads.


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